eApplication Development

Some examples of our browser based e-applications are Web based E-mail system,Blog software that update from your browser,Corporate Intranets which has searchable company phone lists, shared calendars, etc. As the Web has matured and browsers have built better support for the generally accepted web standards, browser based apps have become more viable. We offer several advantages over more traditional software.
So, the advantages of our browser based application is :

  • No install or upgrades — No software to install on each user’s PC for new user and/or upgrades.
  • Availability — The software is available from anywhere on the Internet.
  • Security — We use strong SSL encryption on our applications, the same security used for online credit card purchases.
  • Platform independent — It doesn’t matter if you run Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS, Linux, etc. they all just work.
  • Reduced Cost — Because they are not supporting several different platforms the applications are written more quickly and with less errors due to platform specific problems.
  • Ease of maintenance — Single point of management for the entire application.
  • Hosting — We can host your application on our servers which completely removes the need for your on site staff to maintain the systems. Or if you prefer we can install the software on your own servers.
  • Simple to use — If your employees can browse the web, then they can quickly learn the software.