Application Modernization

Application Modernization Services start by gaining a deep understanding of your entire application environment. A range of transformation options is determined and, once an agreed pathway has been selected, each of your critical application is modernized in turn.
The most likely Application Modernization we includes is re-hosting a legacy application from a mainframe or other legacy platform to a highly reliable, lower cost and manageable open systems-based platform,Reengineering an existing application ,Replacing custom-built code with packaged applications.
Through the transformation process, we can build a flexible, manageable application environment that can take advantage of a service-oriented architecture and shared infrastructure. This enables you to implement changes with speed and agility, reduce costs and make the best use of your most valuable resources –your people and information.
We leverages existing IT assets to enable government to accelerate delivery of new services that have clear and quantifiable benefits, not only for governments, but also for citizens, businesses and government employees. With the webMethods Application Modernization Suite, our software can help you improve operational efficiency through delivery of modern user interfaces, provide a unified, real-time view of enterprise data, unlock and transform existing application assets into high-value business services, and leverage core assets for use in a process-centric environment.