Web Development

Web development solutions

E-Branding has become more and more important as companies decide to offer their services and products online. Website design, corporate branding, e-commerce and search engine optimization are critical components in building a company’s E-branding.

Our E-Branding Services include:

Website Development Services
Website Design, robust software and high levels of security are critical to the success of a company. Visis Software offers professional, offshore Website Design, development and deployment solutions.
Content Management System
Visis Software offers a customized Content Management System that will fulfill all your requirements regarding website.We also offer CMS solutions based on Open Source Systems.
Visis Software can enhance your e-business success with highly secure, customized and effective e-commerce website design. Search Engine Optimization must follow key essentials to stay ahead of competition. We will find the right keywords, Meta Tags and utilize tools like .ht-access and mod_rewrite to get your website a better rank in search engines.

Web Development Life Cycle

Visis Software’s website design & development division is a collaboration of distinct talents. Our diverse experience compliments poly-technology project requirements. Our design portfolio is a mix of effective and experimental strategies that pushes you to standout in the competition.
We undertake HTML designs, Flash Animations and blend it with CSS to make a website that is not only good looking but one that loads faster and get better search engine ranking.
Five Phases of website design and development:

  • Planning and Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Development
  • Accessibility across browsers
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

In the website planning and design phase, you’ll determine who your target audience is, what they’re looking for, and how you’ll help them find it easily. The way this information is structured is the information architecture. This phase also includes layout and design, color scheme, navigation, graphics, and other elements of the site’s look and feel.
Once this stage is complete, usability testing can provide feedback on how well it meets your goals. Usability testing (or user testing) involves having users who represent your target audience navigate through your website and perform specific tasks. This is often an eye-opening exercise as you find what seems obvious to you is not at all obvious to your users. Performing this early-stage usability testing makes sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
Your site is built in the website development phase, which includes converting content into HTML and developing interactive features such as forms, email setup, online ordering and connections to back end systems. At this point, a second round of testing is a must. This functionality testing makes sure the applications are working as intended. Links go where they should, and the site functions as planned. Immediately following is implementation, which is taking your site live. Plan on about one full day to complete implementation, and keep in mind that there will most likely be glitches and problems. Work with your developer and your website host to resolve them.
Website Maintenance is a critical and often neglected step in website development. Putting up a website and letting it sit means it quickly becomes outdated (often referred to as a “cobweb site”). As information about your business changes, make sure you update your website.

E Commerce Approach

Visis Software offers full-featured commerce solutions & shopping cart solutions with unique interface design. Our e-commerce website development solutions allow you to conveniently setup your e-commerce store using reliable and secure credit card processing through any chosen merchant accounts. In addition, we may include CRM application integration and provide a web administrative interface – specially designed for easy use. Secure Shopping Cart Solutions Continuum offers solutions that are packed with platform independent interfaces and powerful modules. They are easy to install, simple to use, high-performance, scalable and powerful ‘secure’ shopping cart solutions. We can help you create an online catalog for a shopping cart; manage orders, payments and security, and sort processing features through the administrative control panel online.