OOH Features

CMMS – Feature List

  • Customer Relationship Management
    A smooth utility which help you not only to manage your customers even to in retentions of them.
  • Site Management System(SMS)
    Complete control over all Media site related inventories-booked, vacant, leased, hired, owned, Conformed, Pending, Expiring ..Etc.
  • Complaint Management System
    Functionality that supports you to retain you customers, vendors, supplier & even employee.
  • Payroll & Account Management
    A fully automated tool to calculate salaries ,bills, accountings of your employee, customers, suppliers & vendors.
  • Generation of Proposals, Plans & Follow-up
    Fully-integrated planning processes for single and multi-facility requirements.
  • Sales & Purchase, Work order
    Complete set of accounting software functionality that is both comprehensive and scalable to manage.
  • Automated Status Monitoring & Tracking
    Generate status on every generated task within the system for departments, branches & individuals.
  • Estimate & Docket Management
    Conform proposals will be converted in to Estimates and conformed estimates become docket…its simple..!
  • Media Purchase, Sell & Booking
    keep track of all media related issues, and forget about the date .. Our system will send you reminders before expiry..!!
  • Authority Management & User Control
    It will help you to secure every page of our application, manage users & their access pages.
  • Work Instruction & Follow-up
    Reduce telephone calls & email loads, now Send work instruction on few clicks and see them working and track the status.!!
  • Employee Log Activity Details
    Now your employee can not give any excuse of pending works , see what they did for a whole day.
  • Attendance & Time sheet Management System
    VISIS is associated with many Top leading HR Consultancies & Charted Accountancy firms to provide a superior human resources solution.

Available Reports

  • Payroll Report – Attendance/Leave/Late Report – Employee Reports – Holiday Report – Salary Sheet
  • Media Booking – Booking Reports – Purchase Order – BILL Reports – Activity History – Display History
  • Site Availability – Media By Size – Illumination Type – Booking Mode – Media Type – City Report – Location Report
  • General Report – Estimate/Docket Proposal Life Cycle Report – Proposal Report- Client Requisition Form Report – Complaint Reports – Accounts Details – Pending Reports – Log Details – Monitoring Report – Cancellation Report & Media Print
  • Order Report – Work Order – Release Order – General Purchase Order – Media Purchase Order
  • Extended Docket Report – Display Docket Report – Publication Docket Report – Miscellaneous Docket Report
  • MIS Report – Cost Center Wise – Media Ownership – Media ID wise – Branch Daily Progress Report
  • Bill Report – Supplier Bills Report – Sales Bills Report

Other Benefits

  • CMMS attempts to integrate business processes across departments into a single enterprise-wide information system.
  • CMMS is facilitation of day-to-day management.
  • Single Point of Communication – data only entered at the source of information.
  • Everyone has the same information – Single source of truth.
  • Historical and authoritative data.
  • Immediate information.
  • Improved Visibility into all areas of the company operation.
  • Real time information throughout the entire Enterprise.
  • Better visibility into the performance of operational areas.
  • Data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise.
  • Best-practices or proven methodologies are included in the ERP system.
  • Creates organizational efficiencies.
  • Allows for analysis and reporting for long-term planning