CMMS OTG – Centralized Management & Monitoring System – Outdoor On The Go.

CMMS OTG, An ERP cum BPM (Business Process Management) solution for all Outdoor Media Owners & Organizations. CMMS OTG will help you to cut-down your expenses on day to day Business Processing, Monitoring & Controlling effectively up to 75% of your existing disbursement.
CMMS OTG provides many facilities to reduce the overall business cost as well as assist you to adopt a Standard Business Process to make you more effective and keep you ahead among your Business Competitors .It is best in Compatibility because it’s doesn’t cost you extra for your existing IT/Non IT Infrastructure. It just an open source plug and play Solution that runs on virus & theft free open source Windows (Solaris/Red Hat etc.) as well as Any Version of Microsoft Windows(NT/XP/7).
We understand the cost of your valuable Data so we have designed it as you can launch it on your own server with a secured Private IP. (Just Like any core Banking system, no access for outsiders.) and also can define Customized Access Rules to prevent unauthorized user accessing with the various Cost Centers, Departments& Branches.

How it will enhance your Outdoor Advertising Business?

A Business Process Management Tool- through which you can monitor, control & analyze the overall business operation in more efficient way than others’ do.
The main function of this CMMS OTG is to facilitate day to day operational activities, like Human Resource,Payroll &Complaint management, Sales activities &follow-ups, Vendor & Supplier Management, Site Monitoring & Media control, Customer relationship & follow-ups, Site Performance & Ranking, Bills, Proposals & Estimates management and many more facilities which help Business Organization to have more control on every operation.
Our motive behind the Development of CMMS OTG is to make a smooth processing with proper monitoring & controlling facilities within all the branches , departments & its employees.
The ERP cum BPM is capable in sharing/ tracking/ controlling all the information among the respective departments& offshore branches, it will be functional at head office and connected via a highly secure network with in the branch locations.

  • Silent Features
  • Departments Integration
  • User Ranking
  • Available Reports
  • Other Benifits
  • Core Advantanges
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Silent Features & Returns

  • Create, Manage, Monitor & Control up-to 100+ Branch Location Activities.
  • Connection through Secure Mediums like Virtual Private Networks or Host at Static IP’s.
  • One Place Database Management & Controlling facility.
  • Automated response system , speed up the working more than 75%.
  • Status display on every process, easy analyzation of Completed, Pending & rejected tasks.
  • On click information availability on Media, booked Media ,booking details and others..!
  • Get managed information within 30 Sec.
  • Low Maintenance & enhancement cost ,Developed in open source technologies.
  • Free from Virus Attracts & Data losses.
  • Platform Independent run on any OS and its all free.(Use Linux, Unix)

Core Advantanges

  • CMMS will help departments & individuals to make sure that process are logically interacting with each other and there is no information loss.
  • The logistical advantages behind a CMMS OTG is that it is designed to reduce cost of each operation, and allow the data flow between single department or offshore offices to move smoothly and in real time for better processing.
  • It can also help with the analysis of design engineering, streamlining operating functions, managing the basics and advanced functions of transaction with multilevel approvals & matching of purchase orders, inventory, and costing, reports and all accounting function with payroll & MIS.
Product Overview. :- Click Here For CMMS OTG PPT