Challenging? Rewarding? Refreshing? If so, then consider Visis Software. Our company is an equal opportunity employer that fosters and rewards achievement and understands that the company’s greatest strength is in the rich diversity of its employees. Visis Software gives its employees the freedom and resources to reach their full potential. When asked about the benefits of working at Visis Software, employees cited the ability to work on multiple projects, the results-focused atmosphere and hands-on management style of our leadership. Employees were also enthusiastic about the opportunity for career growth within the company, a corporate culture based on strong positive values and integrity, and the knowledge that their work has an effect on people’s lives, as well as on the success of the Company.

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The type of people usually attracted to Visis Software are those who thrive on using their skills to make a difference in the world of Information Technology . People who work best in a team atmosphere, solving problems creatively and passionately. If you believe you are one of these people, then we would love to hear from you. Just visit the Current Openings section to find out if there is an available position that interests you.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive looking to carry an established company to the leading edge or an experienced professional seeking a stimulating environment in which to make your mark, Visis Software has just the right opportunity for you.

Employees are empowered to harness new ideas, unleash their imaginations and excel in a rapidly changing industry. The work environment in Visis Software without any bias towards cast, creed, race, religion, sex or physical disability.It encourages continuous individual skill. The assignments offered are intellectually challenging and financially rewarding.The company maintains a highly interactive environment.

Non-formal dress code and vibrant weekends is a way of life for the members of Visis Software team.

The Company follows a feedback-based policy framing approach that offers every employee the opportunity to build the organization in their own way.

What’s the indicative profile of a typical Visis’er ?

We look for the following attributes in individuals when we recruit:

  • Domain knowledge
  • Knowledge of IT
  • Analytical ability
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional maturity
  • Initiative
  • Zeal for excellence
  • Drive and determination

If you have these attributes, you can be certain we are looking for you. your Experiences & Domain knowledge value you more than your qualification. So Feel free to contact us at any age of your education. To achieve our vision, we are always looking out for talented, learnable individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel!
You can send your e-resumes directly to our recruiter’s.

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