Our Clients

Visis Software has been pleasingly serving various customers and clients under its umbrella.

We have pedaled stunning as well as challenging projects too. The challenging projects required considerable programming skills, back-end manipulation and security cover, besides, of course the innovative inputs, from our end. Our professional website development services, quick turnaround time and attention to detail have helped us build. a positive relationship with our clients.

Visis software has deliver hundreds of customers demand, like you, to succeed. Companies of all sizes and across different industries and geographies have chosen Visis software as their preferred source to receive business opportunities from the entire globe. We appreciate the trust our clients have put in us and Visis software will continue to provide comprehensive and accurate information to its numerous clients.

Projects For Education/NGO Sector

➢ CLMS, Gov. of Uttar Pradesh, Dept. of Labor (World Bank, Funded)
➢ E-Education System, SIR.MVIT, Bangalore, under VTU (Preferred by for VTU).
➢ College Management System for KCDS, Bangalore, under Rajeev Gandhi University. (Preferred by for RGU).
➢ Go Live Online Education, IISE, Lucknow.
➢ Internal Event Portal, For IIM, Bangalore.
➢ Virtual Lab & Information Integration System, University of California, USA.
➢ Office Management System, Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Lucknow.
➢ Integrated Application & Web development, Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School, Lucknow.
➢ Online Education & CMS, Dharma chakra Translation Committee, Nepal.
➢ Education Support System, Center for Buddiesh study, Tibet.
➢ Online Training & Examination, Rangjung yeshe institute, Nepal.
➢ Education Development System for Umbrella Foundation, Germany & Nepal.


➢ CRM/SCM-Resource Management System, GPS Tracking, MFI, India.
➢ Material Management System- Laxmi Textiles, Kanpur, India.
➢ Production Management System- Ajanta, Morbi, India.
➢ Warehouse & Inventory Control Application, IPL, Lucknow, INDIA.
➢ Human Resource Management System, KIPM, Bangalore, India.
➢ Event Scheduler & Task Management System, MOKSH, Delhi.
➢ Human Resource & Employee Control System, MOKSH, Lucknow.
➢ Payroll & Human Resource System, Krishna Deveraya Trust, Bangalore.
➢ Content Management System, Shiv Gang Productions, Mumbai, India.
➢ CRM-Film Marketing & Distributions, EROS International, Mumbai, India.
➢ Centralized Management & Monitoring System (CMMS), ORIGINS, Lucknow, India.
➢ Transport Management system, Krishna International, Bangalore, India.
➢ Online Resource Management System, Esevak, Bangalore, Delhi.
➢ Transport Management & Controlling System, AKASH International, Bangalore,
➢ Cargo information & Delivery Reporting System, DHL, Bangalore(International Airport)