Core Business

While our company continues to build upon the success of its customers, we remains grounded in six core values that set our Business Objects apart from its competition.


Our goal is clear: We search for excellence and accept no less than the best.

Customer Focus

We never lose sight of what really matters: the satisfaction and success of our customers. Our products are developed with the goals and needs of the customer in mind.

Transnational Identity

We have a uniquely global approach to business. Our management philosophy relies on drawing talent, models, and ideas from a worldwide pool.


Our industry thrives on innovation: creative problem solving is fundamental to our success. We constantly strive to deliver innovative products to the market, and deliver superior value to our customers and shareholders.


We treat everyone involved in the organization – staff, stakeholders, and customers alike – with dignity and respect. We are truthful and candid, keep our promises, and deliver on our commitments.


Success does not come easily, especially in a world of intense competition: it comes through hard work, dedication, and passion. We are passionate about what we do, and we are driven to excel in every aspect of our business.